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I have found some videos of my tenure at Child World in Danvers, MA.  Over the next several weeks, I’ll be posting clips of what I’ve been able to uncover.

Many of the videos were done by a Child World employee, who has been doing work for a local cable TV channel for many years.  When they were put together, he often used theme songs within the videos.  As such, ads may appear during playing of the videos, because of the end-user agreement with YouTube.

The video quality isn’t the best- they are over 25 years old, and the copies of the tapes that I have aren’t the original.

To start with, here is a clip of the store manager, Barbara Benn, who during a store meeting in the Fall of 1989, vowed that if our store reached its sales goals for the Christmas season, that she’d so the Rocky Dance on the roof.  We held her to it.

You can view in full-screen by clicking the lower right of a video after you start it,

Here is a video showing a partial store tour – Notice the employees smoking, decorations at the front of the store & the Christmas music playing in the background in the store – nowadays, you wouldn’t be able to do any of that.. but I digress… 🙂

The store was renovated the following year.

Final scene shows a very impatient warehouse employee (ya Hello?) getting frustrated when the truck driver couldn’t back the final(?) delivery before Christmas into the bay.

Here are 2 videos from the Danvers Child World store remodel “hype” meeting that took place in 1990. Additional clips may be posted at a later date.

This one shows the partial dismantling of sections of the store during Phase 1.

This one shows what the ultimate goal was – we did meet the goal – the store turned out REAL NICE in the end. Time to see if I have any pictures or videos of it after it was completed… 🙂

Look for more coming soon – ENJOY! 🙂

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I remember when i was younger see on the news toy turning on
and the said it was hunted. Any video please send me


As a customer, I’d forgotten the dioramas & videos embedded into the aisles. So nice you took these videos! Tks!

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