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  1. Although I don’t agree “Child World Rocks” I think its great that someone is trying to preserve what memories still remain of a screwed up company.
    I worked at #51 Cuyahoga Falls, OH from 1973-1992. I was store manager 1979-1992. I have a very good memory,let me know if there are any specific questions I can answer for you….. Bob Milan

    1. Hi Robert,

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts – but I will need to respectfully disagree that Child World didn’t rock.

      But then again, I was involved with the company in a much different capacity than you. Yes, there were a LOT of things that I saw while working there that were pretty messed up – in fact, beyond messed up.

      The store that I worked at got renovated into the new “prototype”, with the low gondolas & “sectioned”. Its funny, because when I walk into a few of our local TRU stores, the layout is now incredibly similar to what our CW had become.

      Long before I was employed at Child World, I much preferred going to shop at Child World as opposed to Toys R Us. So I am approaching the “rocks” aspect from different angles.

      As far as memories & specific questions – if you have any pictures of your store, dates of operation, etc., that would be fantastic. As these artifacts are collected, I’m hoping to setup individual pages, that are linked to the store locations.

      Thank you again for your feedback

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