Peter Panda

Here are a few items that feature Peter Panda.  Click on an image to view full-size & to view slideshow.  A special thank you goes out to Mark G. for providing the image of the Peter Panda leather.

And if you’re interested, here is the Peter Panda Trademark Information

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Nick T.

Interesting…Do you know, I MAY still have my old Peter Panda plushie (the very small one)? I’ll make an effort to look for it sooner or later.

keith favazza

I was the artist who drew Peter Panda. I have many of my original art pieces. He was so fun to illustrate.

Nicholas Tosoni

Just checked my closet the other day.

YES! I DO HAVE HIM! I’m planning on creating a repro costume for another panda.

Paul M. Lokites

I was Peter Panda for a few years my Mother worked at the Chase Avenue Waterbury Connecticut store. First I started off helping w/inventories then I fit the hot costume and became Peter Panda then my Sister got old enough she was Strawberry ShortCake. I have at least one pic as us in full dress up. That thing was hot to entertain in boy I remember that. Might have been 1982 ish somewhere in and around there I was a kid myself and wore that hot suit at least once a year every year until I outgrew the suit. I… Read more »

rob rowan

my mom was the panda in the cranston ri store an i actually still have the coustume to this day

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