Peter Panda

Here are a few items that feature Peter Panda.  Click on an image to view full-size & to view slideshow.

And if you’re interested, here is the Peter Panda Trademark Information

6 thoughts on “Peter Panda”

        1. Hi Keith,

          Thank you for your comment. Would you be willing to upload a few pieces of your artwork? They would be placed on a page of their own, with full credit given to you.

          If yes, I’ll contact you via e-mail to discuss where the artwork should be sent.

          Thank you – and fantastic job on the design of Peter Panda

  1. I was Peter Panda for a few years my Mother worked at the Chase Avenue Waterbury Connecticut store. First I started off helping w/inventories then I fit the hot costume and became Peter Panda then my Sister got old enough she was Strawberry ShortCake. I have at least one pic as us in full dress up. That thing was hot to entertain in boy I remember that. Might have been 1982 ish somewhere in and around there I was a kid myself and wore that hot suit at least once a year every year until I outgrew the suit. I was a big tall kid. Now a big tall 45 year old. Also have the Peter Panda Pin that was about the size of a quarter that was worn on the smock. They didn’t pay my sister and I we were allowed to chose any toy we wanted for dressing up and entertaining for the weekend. I picked the Muppets Animal hand puppet from 1978, you could move the mouth and control the eyebrows. I also still have the puppet haha. I could get you guys a few pics if you wanted.

    1. Hi,

      Thank you for the comments.

      Do you know the address for the Chase Avenue store (what is there now)?

      Sure, I’d like to see the Muppet.

      Thanks again for contributing

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