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Who Remembers… Child World (newbedfordguide.com)

Children’s Palace Was Real (retro-daze.org)

Child World/Children’s Palace (amesfanclub.com)

Children’s Palace and Child World toy stores revisited (geektarded.com)

Post Mortar – Child World/Children’s Palace (PostMortar.org)

Let’s go shopping! Children’s Palace (geektarded.com – store was featured in the movie “The Color of Money“)

The Opening of the Chelmsford Mall 1973 – Remembering Child World and Bradlees (forgottennewengland.com)

My Childhood Shopping Spree (threesorryboys.com)

Child World Toy Store, Medford, Mass (old-school-boston.blogspot.com)

Children’s Palace Toy Store Biography (super onlinetoystores.blogspot.com)

A somewhat brief and very incomplete history of 1980s ToyStoreSauruses in Denver (by someone who never lived there) part 1 of 2 (pleasesavemerobots.blogspot.com)

1974 Children’s Palace Toy Circular (megomuseum.com)

Do you remember Children’s Palace Toy store. (Dayton History Books Online)

Child World Children’s Palace price tags on vintage game hardware (atariage.com)

Everything a Toy Store Should Be (steampunkaddie.blogspot.com)

Children’s Palace, 1992 (Kentucky Photo Archive)

Vanished North Side and County Institutions (St. Louis Patina)

Children’s Palace Grand Opening Circular October 28, 1990 (Go Green Machine)

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