Many websites just give you their primary website address – in this case,  But, many have “aliases” or “vanity” website addresses, which point to their main address.


.ROCKS is a newer Top-level-Domain (TLD) – unfortunately, its popularity never took off. Another newer TLD is XYZ. This new TLD has become more widely accepted than .ROCKS – so in addition to CHILDWORLD.ROCKS, you can also find us at CHILDWORLD.XYZ



There are a few other aliases that are associated with such as &

I just couldn’t resist on the latter… 🙂


Good news – I was also able to purchase which now also points to


I also own a few other aliases, which point to pages on this website that don’t show up on the sitemap or menu – perhaps you landed here via one?


Aliases can also redirect someone to a specific page on a website, rather that the home page – example – if I owned, I could have it point to the TV Commercials page



If you are searching for your own cool domain name, a new alias for your own website, or want to purchase an alias for this one [:-)] visit


Once you find the perfect domain name, enter coupon code TOYS to save $1 off your order.


Are you looking to purchase a domain that someone else owns? It may be for sale. Be sure to check out Domain It Yourself which is run thru DaaZ where was purchased

Domain It Yourself

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