Hello & Welcome to CHILDWORLD.ROCKS

You were probably expecting to land at TOYDIRECTORYMONTHLY.COM – for whatever reason, the owner didn’t renew the domain name.

I happened to see TOYDIRECTORYMONTHLY.COM was in a closeout domain auction – which essentially meant that anybody could buy it & use it for any purpose.

It appears from looking at the domain history on the Internet Archive Wayback Machine, that it was an alias to

Most likely, it would have been purchased by an advertising company, which would have just displayed it with a bunch of ads.

To prevent it from falling into the wrong hands, I decided to purchase it & have it redirected to CHILDWORLD.ROCKS – with an explanation as to why you landed here.

Since you are interested in toys, I’m hopeful that you are a toy enthusiast – and perhaps one who remembers Child World / Children’s Palace.

There is absolutely no relationship or affiliation between CHILD WORLD/CHILDREN’S PALACE & TOYDIRECTORYMONTHLY.

I hope that you decide to stick around & see what CHILDWORLD.ROCKS has to offer.

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