Hello & Welcome to CHILDWORLD.ROCKS

You’re probably wondering how you ended up here… read on…

How many times have you walked into a store and was excited or had a feeling of accomplishment because you got “The last one” – or “The only one left”?  Particularly when you were a child looking for that must-have toy or video game.

The domain name “” ended up on what is called a Closeout domain auction – perhaps it reminded me of that excitement cited above (being “The Last One”) – I just had to buy it.

A closeout domain auction occurs when the domain name expires & a certain grace period has gone by. The domain is then auctioned off – if no one bids on it, it’ll go to a Closeout Domain auction, which essentially means that anybody could buy it & use it for any purpose.

Most likely, it would have been purchased by an advertising company, which would have just displayed it with a bunch of ads.

To prevent it from falling into the wrong hands, I decided to purchase it & have it redirected to CHILDWORLD.ROCKS – with an explanation as to why you landed here.

I’m hoping that you’ll take the time to browse the site – which will hopefully bring back some memories – or make you want to learn more about Child World / Children’s Palace.

Thank you for visiting – enjoy your stay. 🙂

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