Hello & Welcome to CHILDWORLD.ROCKS

You were probably expecting to land at FUNTOYSIA.COM – unfortunately, Funtoysia went out of business a few years ago.  Click here to read one of the articles about their demise.

I happened to see FUNTOSIA.COM was in a closeout domain auction – which essentially meant that anybody could buy it & use it for any purpose.

Most likely, it would have been purchased by an advertising company, which would have just displayed it with a bunch of ads.

To prevent it from falling into the wrong hands, I decided to purchase it & have it redirected to CHILDWORLD.ROCKS – with an explanation as to why you landed here.

There is absolutely no relationship or affiliation between CHILD WORLD/CHILDREN’S PALACE & FUNTOSIA.

I hope that you decide to stick around & see what CHILDWORLD.ROCKS has to offer.

Enjoy your visit

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