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Children’s Palace and Child World toy stores revisited (geektarded.com)

Let’s go shopping! Children’s Palace (geektarded.com – store was featured in the movie “The Color of Money“)

The Opening of the Chelmsford Mall 1973 – Remembering Child World and Bradlees (forgottennewengland.com)

My Childhood Shopping Spree (threesorryboys.com)

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Children’s Palace Toy Store Biography (super onlinetoystores.blogspot.com)

A somewhat brief and very incomplete history of 1980s ToyStoreSauruses in Denver (by someone who never lived there) part 1 of 2 (pleasesavemerobots.blogspot.com)

1974 Children’s Palace Toy Circular (megomuseum.com)

Do you remember Children’s Palace Toy store. (Dayton History Books Online)

Child World Children’s Palace price tags on vintage game hardware (atariage.com)

Everything a Toy Store Should Be (steampunkaddie.blogspot.com)

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